Monday, January 29, 2018

My Band Story - Ron - Trumpet section

My name is Ron and I am the Vice President of the Northeast Community Band.

NECB: How long have you been in the Northeast Community Band?

Ron: I started in 2000 or 2001

NECB: How did you find us?

Ron: My son was in the Northeast Middle School Band, and his teacher (Tim Martin) suggested that he join to gain additional experience.  My son told him that I played too and Tim said bring your dad.  My son eventually moved on and I stayed with the band. Later my youngest son spent a season or two with us.

NECB:  What do you play

Ron:  I play the Trumpet and Flugelhorn. Although I have played the Baritone and Trombone in the past with some experience on French Horn and Tuba. In High School my second Instrument was percussion.

In the past I've taken lessons on the piano, Guitar and Clarinet.

NECB: Do you play anywhere else?

Ron: I play in our church worship/praise band.  Generally my Trumpet or Flugelhorn and occasionally the Congas, Bongos and Tambourine.

NECB:  What Brand Trumpet and Flugelhorn do you play?

Ron:  My Trumpet is a Getzen Eterna, My Flugelhorn is a Bach Stradivarius and my Pocket Trumpet is an EM Winston

NECB: What is your favorite Music Genre'

Ron:  I am fairly eclectic, Gospel/Religious Music, Jazz and Classical and pretty much any rock band that has a good Brass Section (Chicago, Earth Wind and Fire, J Giels for example). However, if the music is good I can enjoy pretty much any thing.

NECB: Do you have a Favorite Professional Trumpet Player?

Ron: It is hard to pick just one; I'd have to go with Clark Terry. When I was in High School, he spent a number of weeks at our school working with our various bands.  He was down to earth, had an infectious smile and loved working with kids.

NECB:  Are there other musicians in your family?

Ron: Yes - My mom played the Accordion, but she is a singer and sang with the same choir for  nearly 70 years, until an injury sidelined her.

My Grandmother played the Piano and Guitar,  her mom played the Guitar

Both of my sons play the trumpet and my youngest played the Cello for a while.

My wife is a keyboard player as is her mother and several of her aunts.

I have nieces that play the violin and clarinet

NECB: If you could learn other instrument, what would it be?

Ron: I have always wanted to learn the Bass Guitar and would love to try the didgeridoo.

NECB;  Over all, how has your experience with the Northeast Community Band been?

Ron:  I enjoy this group, we have some very good people and have seen many people come and go for various reasons.  We meet each week, make music, laugh a lot, tell jokes, relax and have a good time.

It is interesting as you meet the other members to see how diverse we are. So many different backgrounds with people of varying educational, employment and regional backgrounds - yet we have one unifying thing: The Love of Music.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

New Article about the Band

NE Band celebrates 20 years

This fall, the Northeast Community Band began its 20th season of music-making for our Northeast community and the Twin Cities. Musicians with purple hair, gray hair, multiple piercings, some retired, some still in school, engineers, ministers, software programmers, accountants – all have gathered on Thursday nights to share a common interest, the joy of playing music.
Click here for the full story

Sunday, March 19, 2017

NE Band Festival

Come spend the evening listening and supporting music at the 3rd Annual NE Band Festival! 

We are so happy to be participating in this fun event again. Celebrating music with bands from elementary school through adults in the NE Community. Featuring the: 

  • Edison High School Concert Band
  • Edison High School Rock Band & Drum Line
  • Northeast Middle School Band
  • Pillsbury Elementary School Band
  • Sheridan Park Elementary School Band
  • Marcy Open School Band and
  • The Northeast Community Band!

Starting at 6:30pm with light refreshments prior to. 

Free music! 

Support music!

Northeast Band Festival - Facebook Event Page

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Joint Community Band Concert

4th Annual joint Community Band Concert Series

The North Hennepin Community College Concert Band would like to welcome the Northeast Community Band for our 4th Annual joint Community Band Concert Series.

 Please Join Us for our free concert featuring music by Saucedo and others on March 16 at 7:30 pm in the Fine Arts Theater; located at:

North Hennepin Community College
Fine Arts Center
7411 58th Ave N 
Brooklyn Park MN 55445